Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Scales

I didn't get to blog about my weight this last week because of just the confusion of the week with my dad and his wife visiting and rearranging tutoring schedules it was just a crazy week, but I want to keep up with this blog because it's important to me!

Mary and I joined the gym a week ago Friday and I went twice and then got busy. I went yesterday morning, but not this morning because of church.  Mary and I have plans to go again tomorrow before Haley gets here.  I will have an early morning on the mornings that I tutor...I might just do three days a week so I don't have to go SOO early except for Wednesdays!

I've lost another pound making my weight loss 23 pounds!  I'm happy with matter what I'm losing is better than the scale going up!

I haven't been writing my eating down just because I'm honestly not sure exactly what I've been eating, but I think for the next two weeks things should be rather 'normal' for my eating so I will start putting that on Fit Day again!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen,
    Great that you have lost another pound! After my illness last year I have been trying to eat more healthy and trying to shift a little weight from around my middle!!!
    Have a great day Karen.