Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weighty Thoughts

Even though it's Tuesday I thought I'd post about my weight loss today.  As of last Sunday I'd lost 21.4 pounds! I'm very happy about that and can feel the weight loss in different areas already...not as much as I'd like, but it's progress!  It's going to take a lot more pounds for me to feel a lot better, but a little better is good!

My knees didn't hurt so badly the other night while I was washing dishes which is a great accomplishment in my book!  I still haven't started to exercise which I wanted to do by now.  If I don't do it soon I won't do it.  I'm a bit disappointed that the exercise place that I've been waiting to open in our area isn't going to come here now!  I was hoping to get a jump start when they opened, but I guess I'll have to figure something out now.

I start summer tutoring today which should make my eating a little more consistent to what it was when I was in school!  I am so glad that I love what I do and I get to do it year round and in the summer have a four day weekend while I do it!  :)

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