Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plans for the future!

Today is already starting out better than yesterday!  I'm dressed and ready for the gym waiting for Mike to get home from work! :)  I feel better already!  

I'm not sure everyone read that I cannot participate in the half marathon I wanted to do because the time limit is too short for me to consider, but I think I'm going to train on the elliptical machine for the miles that I would have walked and do some 5 and 10 k's along the way. 

I'm going to focus on the Baltimore Half Marathon in October. I honestly think that's a more realistic goal for me!  I'm going to put in the three miles today on my training schedule and then I'm going to revamp my training schedule for the half marathon in October!  I'm excited about this one because it's the last one I was training but wasn't able to do because of an injury and then just a few short weeks later my dear mother went home to be with the Lord. It will seem like I've come full circle. I should weigh about the same as I did back eight year ago too, if not a little lighter. It will almost be like a new beginning for me!

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