Sunday, April 28, 2013

Progress Report

I did a 5k yesterday. My time was recorded as 59:53, but the chip and gun times are the same on the website and since I didn't think I was being timed til I crossed the start line I wasn't really going fast before I hit the start line, but still I did it under an hour (I think my official time was between 57 and 58 minutes). The course was rather difficult because it had a quarter mile incline of 75 feet! That one about did me in, but the last 2 miles I did in 36 minutes so my pace was pretty good the whole time!  :)

Today I'm really tired and I'm not sure if it's from allergies, cold, or just from yesterday's walk! I tend to beat myself up when I don't exercise, but I have to remember that I've come a long way in just under eight months. Eight months ago I was only walking about 1.8 mph and struggling to do it for 20 minutes. I'm also still over 300 pounds. I've never revealed my weight here before, but I think it's time.

November 2011 I weighed 401 pounds. That scared me. Until today I've only told that number to three people. Almost 75 pounds are gone (327 lbs.) and lots more to go. Recently, I have been comparing myself to other people and their times, but I seriously doubt most of them carry around the amount of weight that I do. I'm not saying that to brag on myself or put anyone else down, but to just remind myself how well I'm doing in this fitness journey!

Another topic I've been thinking about is resting metabolic rate and how many calories are needed to lose weight the most effectively for your body. I lift weights...I enjoy that...and I know that's good for my metabolism so for the fun of it one day I wore my heart rate monitor for 24 hours. The HRM said I'd burned over 4,000 calories during that day. That means if I eat 2000 calories I'm at a 2000 calorie deficit for the day  which means I should be losing 4 pounds a week, which I'm not!

So I then wonder if I should eat more, exercise more, eat less, exercise more, or just be happy with the weight I'm losing!  Weight loss is such a mystery!

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