Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another pound!

I've officially lost 42 pounds!  I'm getting there! I know that I want to buy 50 pounds of food and take it to our church's food pantry, but as for a reward for myself I'm not sure yet. A massage sounds good, but I'm a little paranoid of someone touching my body at this weight still. I have been thinking about getting shellac nails so maybe that will be my reward! I have been buying so much stuff for cooking that I feel a little guilty buying a reward for weight loss!  LOL

I've made a decision to switch from to for my weight loss entries. The main reason is that I've connected with several people on facebook who use that and on LiveStrong I kind of felt alone. There are blogs that are more relevant to my situation on MFP so I'm going to start posing my food and workouts there.

I considered getting a Fitbit that everyone is talking about, but after reading reviews of Fitbit vs. Polar FT4 heart rate monitor I've decided I already have the best tool so I'm not going to waste my money buying something else! I would like to have a caliper to get my body fat percentage, but they aren't that expensive so I might get one of those this week.

I do know I need to measure myself soon! I had measurements taken when I started last year, but the trainer has them and hasn't gotten them to me yet. I should have gotten them when she did them, but I didn't!

I've also decided to eat my workout calories. In the past I've stuck to a caloric intake and not added calories to compensate for my workouts. I'm working out so much that I feel I need to compensate a little bit, plus everything I'm reading now tells me that I need to do that.

There are some cool tools out there to find your basal metabolic rate and total energy expenditure. Here is a link to my favorite one. Once you add your information by turning the wheels your BMR will be on that top which is what your body's organs need just to function. The body number is the amount of calories your body needs to do all your activities. Take that TEE number and subtract 500 calories to lose 1 pound a week or 1000 calories to lose 2 pounds a week. Anything over that is too much, but honestly, my TEE is so high that I'd have to eat a horse, literally, to eat all my calories!  Anyone who says that dieting and gaining weight messes up your metabolism doesn't know my body!  I burn calories like a freight train...I can't imagine how many calories I used to eat!  YIKES

Anyway, here is the website to calculate your metabolic rate: Energy Expenditure Calculator

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