Monday, December 31, 2012

Fifty pounds gone!

Today is the last day of 2012 and I hit my fifty pounds lost mark today. I'm actually surprised that I hit it because on Christmas morning I was 3 pounds away then the day after Christmas my weight went up 2 pounds!  YIKES I started drinking water like crazy and got right back on my 'clean' eating. Now, I'm not a clean eating fanatic! I eat mostly unprocessed foods, but I did allow my favorite Christmas cookies (just at the last one today!). My weight usually fluctuates up and down. I will have a loss and then the weight goes up a couple of pounds for two or three days before it comes back down. Well, I was technically at 48.8 pounds lost yesterday so I didn't expect the scale to be down again this morning, but when I woke up and the scale was right at 50 pounds lost I was excited!

I will have someone take pictures of me (not my husband, he is camera illiterate, but I still love him!) and I'll take measurements to post. I'm not sure I am going to post my actual weight, but we will see!  I will get all that done today or tomorrow!

I wanted to have a reward for my fifty pound weight loss and thought about getting a body fat caliper, but that would only be used once in a while and I feel might be a waste of money. I did some research and there is a little Pod type body fat machine at a local college that costs $30.00 to get your body fat tested and other than the hydrostatic this is the most accurate body fat tester. I think the best part is I can go back in a year and have it done again for just $15.00.  So I will call after the new year and see if I can set up an appointment for that.

So, that leaves me with a reward for myself. I want new shoes...I know technically that is a need, but I don't actually NEED them yet, but since I'm seriously into my exercise I want to make sure I have good shoes so I think I'm going to get these:

New Balance 770v3, Green with White & Grey

I have plans to do several 'races' this year. I just do them for fun and to challenge myself. I am never a serious contender because I'm too slow, but I'm faster than the person sitting on the couch!  :)

The first race I'm already signed up for is the Shamrock 8k (4.98 miles) at Virginia Beach. I did this race in 2005 and had planned to do it the next year because Mike and I liked it so much, but my mom passed away that year and that was just the end of my motivation for a while. So, this year I'm doing it again. I hope I can beat my time of 1:37 from last time, but I'll be a little heavier than I was last time, although I will have been training more so it will all be a wash for pros and cons. I would like to do it under 1:30, but just to finish would be great!

My second goal is to do a half marathon in October in Baltimore. That was the last race I was signed up for before I seriously began to gain weight. I was injured for this race and couldn't participate in it which made me was just a two weeks after this race that my mom passed away.

Those are my solid goals for 2013. I am going to try to do a half marathon in my town in August...that might be pushing my limits as far as time to get ready, but it's in my mind. The other is the 10 miler in Lynchburg in September. That's a hard course in my mind because of the hills, but I have some friends who are doing it so it might be a fun thing to do. I know if nothing else I can always count on my husband to do it with me and stay with me if I want him to!  :)

I think I've decided that my theme for this year is going to be: "Because I can!" Several years ago I had an F150 with four wheel drive and we happened to have a bad winter according to Virginia standards and my motto that year when my husband would ask why I wanted to go somewhere in this weather was, "Because I can!" Well, I have a healthy body other than too much weight. There are many people with thin bodies that can't exercise so I am blessed to be able to exercise at my weight so my theme this year is, "Because I can!" What is yours going to be?

Well, that is my post for today. I will get the measurements and photos up soon!

Adding photos. I don't have any good before pictures. I do have one, but I have to scan it and don't want to right now, but the first face photo is of me 2 years ago and the other is today. Not much difference!  :(  But I carry most of my weight in my lower body so I guess I won't see it in my face much yet!

Here is a face and side shot of me at 50 pounds lost.

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