Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More changes...

Because I can't remember if I've mentioned this one thing before I'm going to mention it again, but my seat belt is a lot easier to get around me and I used to have to lean to the left to get the seat belt on and now I can fit my hand in right beside me to hook it.

The other thing I have been doing for a while, but just realized it yesterday. I used to have my desk chair the chair set on the highest setting because it was hard for me to get up. When I would get up from the chair I would have to put a hand on the window sill and desk to help push myself up. Yesterday I was typing something and decided to lower the chair to make the angle to see the screen easier, then I forgot it was lower and got up WITHOUT pushing myself up!

I need to keep remembering little things like that which aren't scale related because the scale doesn't show the whole picture!

On another note. I believe I'm going to get a caliper to calculate my body fat percentage. When I lost weight about 10 years ago my body fat percentage was 21.6%, but I weighed 210 pounds so I thought that I was still really fat! I won't let that happen again. 

For those who don't know here is a chart to compare!  I was in the "Fitness" range and was upset that I wasn't below 21% BFP! I need to remember that the scale doesn't tell the whole story!

 Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart1 Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart: How Lean Should You Be?

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