Monday, December 3, 2012


I went to visit my sister over Thanksgiving and I logged all my food, and yes, I was honest about it. Thanksgiving Day I went over my calories by about 1,000 (which is actually really easy to do!  Wonder how many calories I was eating before!  YIKES), but I walked a mile so that brought the damage down to about 800 calories. Still not bad and I didn't hate myself for doing it. It was a holiday, I enjoyed my day, and I went right back to it the next day!

The problem? On the trip I gained 4 pounds!  Seriously?  How does a body do that?  Well, today, two weeks after the trip to Chesapeake, I finally showed a loss again! I have officially lost 41 pounds now! Nine more to go to my one quarter goal!  :)

Today I tried a new routine for my weight training. I love to lift weights so I've been reading about it and I know that I won't gain so much muscle that I will turn into Mr. Olympic so I decided to lift more weight with less reps. I felt like I had a harder/better workout than normal...although, I feel like I was working out hard before too. At least I sweated more!  LOL

I need to find some kind of log to record my exercises and the weight I'm using because I won't remember them at all!  LOL

I had a weird thing happen to me at the gym the other day. I wear a heart rate monitor to keep track of my heart rate and calculate my calories burned. Well, I was just going to walk and I put the treadmill on 3% incline to get more benefit from my walk. Well, the heart rate monitor said my heart rate was over 200!  Impossible! I would have been lying on the floor gasping if that were the case. So I ignored it. It kept saying that to the point that I lowered the incline on the treadmill, but kept my pace (which is slow, but still moving!  LOL) The heart rate monitor continued to say my heart rate was over 200 so I adjusted it on my body and that did the trick!  My heart rate was in the 130's, which is exactly where it should be, so I knew I wasn't going to die!  

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